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Staff Report 131-21


Mayor and City Council


Eric Holmes, City Manager




Amendments to VMC Title 10 - Pearson Airfield
Key Points
  • Some parts of Vancouver Municipal Code Title 10 are out of date and/or do not reflect preferred management practices.
  • The proposed ordinance changes clarify and modernize several items within VMC 10.05.
  • The proposed ordinance change establishes a separate Rules and Regulations document, and transfers many operational rules out of VMC 10.05.
  • The proposed ordinance change also re-establishes the Aviation Advisory Committee.

Strategic Plan Alignment


Goal 1, Objective 1.2: Ensure our infrastructure, including buildings and utilities, is safe, environmentally responsible and well maintained.            

Present Situation

The current Vancouver Municipal Code, Title 10 “Aircraft and Airports” contains many rules and regulations that control the operation and use of Pearson Airfield.  Some of current sections of Title 10 are out of date and do not reflect preferred management practices.  In addition, many of these existing rules should not be codified, but rather, should be in a separate Rules and Regulations document that City Council could adjust, modify or change through resolution rather than through the more formal and lengthy code change processes.


Also included in the proposed code update, in proposed section 10.05.04, is an update to the makeup and responsibilities for the Aviation Advisory Committee.


After a period of consultation with the users of Pearson Airfield, City staff has drafted the proposed VMC Title 10 ordinance changes for Council consideration. 


If Council approves the proposed code changes, which include references to a new Rules and Regulations document, a proposed Rules and Regulations document will come before City Council for consideration on September 27.

  1. Updates and aligns code with preferred practices and policies,
  2. Moves airport rules and regulations into a separate document,
  3. Updates and clarifies the Aviation Advisory Committee’s makeup as well as roles and responsibilities.



Budget Impact

There is no impact to the budget as a result of this proposal.

Prior Council Review

Action Requested

On Monday, September 20, 2021, subject to second reading and public hearing, approve the ordinance.


Jennifer Belknap Williamson, Public Works Director, 360-487-7131; Guy Lennon, Airport Manager, 360-487-8619


Proposed Revised Ordinance
Ordinance Proposed Changes Summary Matrix